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Posted by mr-alien1 - August 9th, 2008

Good morning NG. (It's 5 AM here)

Due to my incredible boredom yesterday afternoon, I gave my webcam the ability to see infra-red light. And to those of you who don't know what that is... Infra-red light is just light on a different wavelength to visible light, meaning we can't naturally see it.

Now the whole process was a fairly simple one. First I took the webcam apart. Making sure of not to damage the circuit board with my screwdriver. Then I took the lens part out. I unscrewed it from it's little holder thingy and looked at the bottom. There was a very small disk of glass with a translucent red, paint-type stuff on it. Carefully, I scratched it all off with my screwdriver. Once that was done I put everything back together and tested it out.

When I turned it on, I saw that everything was rather reddish. I closed the curtains and noticed that now everything was very dark. I grabbed a normal Television remote and pressed a button. I pointed it at my laptop's keyboard and sure enough the webcam was detecting the infra-red light from the remote, shining on the keyboard.

Try it yourselves if you want. But some webcams are different and don't use this infra-red filtering stuff. Also, it's not my fault if you fuckers break your webcams.

I can't be bothered to take a picture of the remote, but here's one of a Wii sensor bar instead. Bad quality, I know.


Posted by mr-alien1 - May 10th, 2008

In early November of 2007, I watched the film The Number 23 starring Jim Carrey. The film is about a man called Walter Sparrow (Jim Carrey) who finds a book in a book store about the life of the author. The book is almost identical to Walter's life. The author describes how in every situation he would find the number 23 at the base of it, and describes how all events are connected to the number 23.

Soon enough, as Walter reads further into the book he discovers that the author, Topsy Kretts, murders his wife. At this point Walter goes mad. He has also been taken over by the number 23. Walter comes to the conclusion tht his wife had written the book, because it was exactly identical to his life. However, his wife reveals that it was Walter himself who wrote the book. Soon enough he realises it was true. His flashbacks reveal that he had tried to kill himself after becoming obsessed with the number 23. But he survived. He recovered and was placed in a psychiatric hospital, where the doctors erase the obsession of the number from his mind. He forgets completely of all that had happened prior to that. On the day of his release he, quite literally, bumped into his future wife.

Anyway. The point I'm trying to make is that; after watching that film, I too became obsessed with the number 23. Eventually, I forgot all about any significance of this number. But, since last Wednesday when I literally did come face-to-face with the number, I have begun to notice the phenomenon once again.

Now, if you are unfamiliar with the 23 Enigma, click here. Also, the following are situations when the number occurs in the real world.

It takes 23 seconds for the blood to circulate the body.

The average menstrual cycle is 28 (23+5 *note: 5=2+3*) days.

The date September 11th also has a connection to this number. the date, written in dd/mm/yyyy form, is 11/09/2001. 11+9=20, and 2+0+0+1=3. 20+3=23.

My birthday, again dd/mm, is 22/11. 1*1=1. 22+1=23

The Earth spins on an axis tilted at 23.5 (again, 5=2+3) degrees.

The word Earth, consists of two vowels at the beginning and ends with 3 consonants. 23.

Human DNA consists of 23 pairs of chromosomes.

Every 23rd wave on a beach is twice as large as the average wave.

The letter E is the most commonly used letter in the English language. E is the 5th letter of the alphabet. 2+3=5

W is the 23rd letter of the alphabet. Also the letter itself consists of two downward facing points, and 3 upward facing ones.

23 written in Base 3 is 212. 2+1+2=5. 5=2+3

23 written in Base 7 is 32. 3+2=5. Also 32 is 23 reversed.

In the Television series LOST, there is a sequence of numbers. The fifth of which is 23. Also, the 2nd is 8. 2^3=8

The most frequent numbers in the Book of Revelations are 4 (the powerful beasts), 7(seven seals, seven churches, etc.), and 12 (12 apostles, etc.). 4+7+12=23.

The Mayans believed that the world would end on the 23rd December 2012. (mm/yyyy) 12/2012. 1*2=2. 2+0+1+2=3. again, 23.

Nissan is a brand of Japanese cars. In Japanese, "ni" is 2, and "san" is 3. So Nissan would be 23.

The year 1994. 1+9+9+4=23

30/5/2008, the end date for the NG Tank Awards. 3+0+5+2+0+0+8=18. 23-(2+3)=18.

Scientists theorize that the universe is currently 13.73 billion years old. 13+7+3=23

Top Fulp was born on April 30th 1978. 3+0+1+9+7+8=28 (23+5).

And finally, 2/3=.666

And the list goes on, and on. You all may think I am mad. But stop what you're doing tomorrow and look. You will be surprised how many times this number appears. You may have to look harder than you want to, but it is there. The number 23 is there. It is everywhere. But what it means, I don't know. In the film, Walter asked an expert on the subject weather the number was "God". Perhaps it is, but I do not know.

But there is one thing I do know, and that is; it is everywhere.

Also, the time is 9:23.

Posted by mr-alien1 - February 19th, 2008

News post... interesting eh?

Posted by mr-alien1 - September 7th, 2007

This... Is it. This is my theory, of where the universe came from.

With every action you do, an alternate universe is created in which you do the opposite action. So, by writing this post, I am creating an array of alternate universes. Now, if you were to get hit by a car, in an alternate universe, you actually might not to get hit, because you did not choose to get hit. If you were to beat someone up, in an alternate universe, you may not beat them up.

This universe may or may not be the first universe, but i believe that it is not. But where then, you ask, did the first universe come from? Well... Before the first universe was brought into existence, There was nothingness. Literally, no up, no down, no light, no dark. Nothingness. And because of this nothingness, the first universe was brought into existence. Simple eh?

Bye now.

Posted by mr-alien1 - August 31st, 2007

Well. My laptop's been giving me grief. Like deciding to die all of a sudden. I was screaming at it, and completely freaked my cats out. And I was about ready to through it at the wall. But i did give it a nice engraving with a screw driver.

Posted by mr-alien1 - July 18th, 2007

Who agrees with me that this freshly redesigned Newgrounds is absolutely great! I love it. And it seemed to me like a relitively short redesign period. I'm still a little confused about all the account options. And the new background looks way cool. Well, um, ok i think i'm just going to shut up now and go do something...