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2008-08-09 00:24:21 by mr-alien1

Good morning NG. (It's 5 AM here)

Due to my incredible boredom yesterday afternoon, I gave my webcam the ability to see infra-red light. And to those of you who don't know what that is... Infra-red light is just light on a different wavelength to visible light, meaning we can't naturally see it.

Now the whole process was a fairly simple one. First I took the webcam apart. Making sure of not to damage the circuit board with my screwdriver. Then I took the lens part out. I unscrewed it from it's little holder thingy and looked at the bottom. There was a very small disk of glass with a translucent red, paint-type stuff on it. Carefully, I scratched it all off with my screwdriver. Once that was done I put everything back together and tested it out.

When I turned it on, I saw that everything was rather reddish. I closed the curtains and noticed that now everything was very dark. I grabbed a normal Television remote and pressed a button. I pointed it at my laptop's keyboard and sure enough the webcam was detecting the infra-red light from the remote, shining on the keyboard.

Try it yourselves if you want. But some webcams are different and don't use this infra-red filtering stuff. Also, it's not my fault if you fuckers break your webcams.

I can't be bothered to take a picture of the remote, but here's one of a Wii sensor bar instead. Bad quality, I know.



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2008-08-12 08:22:36

wow! and thats all i'm gonna say

i wont be doing it to mine cause its on right at this moment =]


2008-08-31 21:42:37



2008-09-02 17:10:09

I left a comment.